Use Scriptabl for signing PDFs

Quick integration, legal and defensible.

Scriptabl reduces the risk of fraudulent documents or transactions. Documents signed using AES are tamper proof and signatory validation can be assured.

An AES, issued by an independently accredited provider, locks the signature and the text of the document so that any changes are immediately detectable. It also identifies the signatory. By using AES, Scriptabl mitigates against the risk of fraud, which is easily possible with conventional paper-based systems and electronic systems that do not use AES.

Core Features


A paperless solution – no need to print, sign, scan, file, courier or store documents.

Bulk signing

Efficiently review and sign multiple reports in one go, saving time and reducing costs.

Fraud protection

AES signed PDFs will assist you in reducing fraud and tampered with records.


Distribute signed documents by email, on your website or internationally.


Integrates easily with your existing systems or a custom solution using the signing API.


Workflow signing for multiple signatures on one PDF document.


No need for additional witnessing or initialling as any changes are detectable.


Electronically sign documents anywhere, any time with the Scriptabl mobile app.


Telephonic and email support available.

Use our standalone system, quickly integrate with your existing document management system or a custom integration using our signing API.

What you need to signup

To enrol for an AES, a Scriptabl officer will meet with you in person. You will need:


Desktop, laptop or tablet


iOS or Android

Personal ID

Valid South African Identity Document

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