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Scriptabl’s flagship prescription solution enables practitioners to create, sign and send scripts to pharmacies electronically using Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES).

An AES, issued by an independently accredited provider, locks the signature and the text of the document so that any changes are immediately detectable. It also identifies the signatory. By using AES, Scriptabl mitigates against the risk of script fraud, which is easily possible with conventional paper-based systems and electronic scripting systems that do not use AES.

“I loved using Scriptabl today! I would highly recommend it to my colleagues.”

Dr Mel

Core Features


A Scriptabl AES is issued in compliance with the ECT Act and the Medicines Act.


Use of AES promotes legal requirements protecting confidentiality and integrity of information signed.

Cost effective

Since there is no need to follow up with original documents, costs related to this are eliminated.


The need for printed documents is eliminated as documents signed with an AES are fully legal.


The Scriptabl API enables seamless integration with existing systems.

Secure storage

Electronic storage of the legal document with easy retrieval mechanisms for six months.

Admin access

Administrative staff are able to prepare documents (e.g. medical scripts) for authorised signing.

Bulk signing

Review and sign batches of documents with a single signing event.

What you need to signup

To enrol for an AES, a Scriptabl officer will meet with you in person. You will need:


Desktop, laptop or tablet

Contact us to check for compatibility with your existing system


iOS or Android

Personal ID

Valid South African Identity Document

Professional Certification

Valid certification in your field e.g. a current professional practice certificate for vets

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